Born: Kiel, February 12th, 1971 

Working experience 

Oracle, since July 2010
Principal MySQL Instructor

Sun Microsystems, May 2008 – June 2010
Senior MySQL Instructor

MySQL AB, Sweden/Germany, July 2005 – April 2008
Senior Instructor for MySQL classes 

NetUSE AG, Kiel, Germany, January 1999 – June 2005 
Deputy chief of software development department 
Main focus: Apache/MySQL/PHP projects 
UNIX Consulting 
Main focus: Mail systems, LDAP infrastructure, privacy projects 
In charge of trainee education 

SH Online Dienst GmbH, Kiel, Germany, December 1997 – December 1998 
Main focus: Developing Apache/MySQL/php applications 

Plantbreeding institute, University of Kiel, Germany, 1995 – 1997 
System administration for entire institute 

Toppoint Mailbox, Kiel, Germany, 1993 – 2000 
Volunteer system administration of student’s internet access 

Diploma in computer science, University of Kiel, Germany, February 2001 
Major fields: Cryptography, web services, databases, networks 

Abitur, Gymnasium Wellingdorf, Kiel, Germany, May 1990 
Major fields: Mathematics, chemistry 

Primary school, Ellerbek, Kiel, Germany, May 1981 


Various articles about the Roxen Webserver 

“Roxen Challenger – Next Generation”, ix magazine 4/1998, Germany 
Introduction article into new version of the Roxen Webserver 

“Der Internet-Praktiker”, Heise Publishing, 1995, ISBN 3882290633 
Co-author of network related topics as IRC, UUCP, Mail 

Teaching Experience 

NetUSE AG, Kiel, Germany, since 1997 
Various professional trainings: Programming, networking, administration 

Trainee education, NetUSE AG, Kiel, Germany, since 1997 
Teaching various topics: Programming, networking, project management 

Akademie fuer berufliche Bildung, Kiel, Germany, 1994 Teaching UNIX basics 


NetUSE Hausmesse, Kiel, Germany, since 1995 
Annual presentations about various hot topics 

“Session variables with Roxen 
Roxen User Conference, Linkoping, Sweden, 2000 


10+ years administration of UNIX systems: Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux 
10+ years administration of network components: Cisco, Check Point 
8+ years administration of mail systems: sendmail, qmail 
5+ years administration of databases: MySQL, Oracle 
8+ years developing software: PHP, Perl, Pike, C, sh 
General knowledge in IT technologies: 
Two factor authorization 
Content management systems 
Web services 
Project management 
Documentation skills 


Sports: Golf, skiing, jogging, workout 
Culture: Movies, theatre, furniture 
Cooking: Asian, italian, mexican